Monochrome-mania is here this Autumn and there seems to be no way of weakening this beast.

White, blacks and every mid-tone in between has swept over our high streets and has somewhat deluded us to think that we’ve never discovered these tones before. But just like a re-run of our favourite Friends moment when Ross discovers someone has eaten his beloved sandwich, we just can’t get enough!

Aside from reminiscing on iconic 90s sitcom moments, I still love the classic black, white and a hint of red combo and love this striped number from Forever21 ever since I put it on. You know that moment when you try on a dress or top that you didn’t think was going to work but you thought to humour yourself anyway. But then once it was place upon your body, the garment just fell into place and you just kept turning around in the mirror, trying to get better angles, repeating  over and over in your head “oo, I really like this, I think I really like this”. *looks around nervously* No-one else do that? Well that was me, a couple of weeks back,  Forever21, 2nd floor, in the second fitting room (you know next to the sale stuff 🙂 ), twirling around constantly just admiring the way the  high-low cut of this shirt just flattered my shape. Aaah I love it even more so now and I would encourage anyone to wear this with dark navy or black leather jeans to finish off this look for any evening winter shindig.

shirt 2

This shirt retails at £14.75 and I’ve paired it with a classic solid gold choker from Dorothy Perkins but you can easily go all out on the jewellery to give it a bit of spice to say the least. This would also be quite nice with a long vintage knit or even a lovely structured crop blazer in a bright popping colour. I love this trend because of how versatile it can be but don’t just take my word for it, try to it for yourself this season.

And someone who knows this combo rule well is up and coming designer Kirin Atwal6 who, in my opinion, has just revamped this trend in London Ethnic FWK 2013 closing party on 17th September. I love their focus on white as the predominant tone and combining the red and black as a feature in the collection is brilliant! I am truly looking forward to seeing more from this creative designer next summer and pray that they don’t disappoint. The bar has truly been set Kirin. 🙂

Want to see more from this collection visit my YouTube channel:

Kirin Atwal6 collection


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