Salade, Salat?


No matter how you pronounce it, spell it or whatnot I have never been a fan of salad. Not that I minded eating it, but I would usually prefer for it NOT to be on my plate . And it probably didn’t help that from a young age I trained myself to think that finishing an actual meal was only a gateway to the only important dish: obviously dessert. So let’s just start off this post by saying that I wasn’t a huge salad, or salade or salat fan (in whichever language you wanted to say it).

However this is the point where I say that as I grew up, I realised how “important” it was to have a few veggies floating about on your plate and so here’s what I’ve come up with. A salad that actually looks attractive (for once), doesn’t use all these fancy-pants ingredients and actually doesn’t taste half bad.

I’m not a michelin star chef nor have I actually given this dish a name as yet but lets say I call it “Nicht michelin Salat” (which in English should mean “Not Michelin Salad”- fingers crossed) or better still, NMS for short 😀

NMS is basically an everyday salad consisting of: lettuce, cucumber, carrots, red peppers and a lemon dressing. The lemon dressing itself is only made up of lemon, oil, salt and parsely which is quite nice and simple for a salad beginner like myself. It was surprisingly super easy and as I said before actually tasted of something. Now although I actually have had those days where I’ve only wanted something light or my body has probably gone into veg deprivation mode where it cries out for salads, eating just salad hasn’t necessarily been a regular occurrence and so in this instance I’ve actually placed NMS with a bit of baked salmon and some avocado. I’ve also sprinkled a few cashew nuts on top which I think was really nice (but then I could be biased towards cashew nuts).


But I think the most attractive thing was that I used a potato peeler to cut up (or slice up) some of my veg. Revolutionary right [insert sarcasm here] and even though you maybe thinking, “Nay its not that much of a big deal”, the super thin slices and the gorgeous curls did fool me a little and made me feel like I was eating a lot less and something a lot more impressive. Might I say it may even have ignited a salad passion in me, although I don’t want to call it yet.

All in all I actually really enjoyed this dish and I might be crazy to say this but I might actually start doing this more often.

But try it out and tell me what you think and let me know of any tricks or tips you may have when it comes to salads, or salades or whatnot!




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