The Floral Number


THE floral red dress from Topshop!

Do I need to say more?!

Whichever designer put this together I think may have secretly had curvier women on the brain. This is not to say that this would not look absolutely amazing on a more athletic build. Oh no ma’am! This is to say I think Topshop may have designed a winner which could look great on multiple body types, heights and against many complexions.

The Daytime Casual look:


Here I have toped it with a pale denim jacket to compliment the warm summer/autumn daytime weather I was experiencing that day (although it may not actually be obvious in these pictures). I think you could easily make this a retro affair and go for the oversized vintage acid washed denims. Whats more, accessorising with some one-off custom jewellery and a pair of quirky shades may even make this outfit look “Camden worthy”. However, I would say to all shorter girlies out there, beware not to go too oversized especially with demin because I’ve found that it takes off vital centimetres or so from your overall height and can leave you either looking a lot broader than you would ever want to look and/or leave you looking like merely head, legs and shoes.

So, in other words, going for the oversized look can work but you have to make sure it doesn’t leave you wondering where the rest of your torso has gone!

Noon to Night look:


But you can also go for a more “noon to night look” which is simply a little more dressy but not too “shazam!” in your face kind of outfit. Let’s say its more of an evening “quick-after-work-dinner” sort of outfit. And yes I did do it again (inventing terms which probably don’t even exist outside my own head). But aside from that, if you put this together with an all black bottom such as the thick black tights and booted heels I have on here, then this will give a petite girl the height she may want to balance out her awesome curves. Fashion note: Tall, average or petite, a more symmetrical look on some occasions works to make curves look proportionate and even emulating the epitome ‘hour-glass’ figure.

Overall at just £45 each, this dress is great for the easy transition from summer to autumn and looks fab on too. But if you have any tips or even any cheaper alternatives don’t be afraid to share. And since you’re here why not visit some other bloggers to see their take on florals…

Nay x



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