Autumn Breeze

IMG_3036Can’t see the forest through the trees lately? Ok so that was my attempt at a joke…( I know, I know *shakes head*). But for some reason I have been loving forest green this autumn and so I thought to just dust off this dress from my closet.

IMG_3046 Even though this is like a year old (SORRY guys) so I can’t give you a link to the exact dress however, forest green is a colour which actually looks good on a lot of skin tones and so here’s an idea I’ve found which may just add to your autumn collection.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at

$47.99 (approx. Ā£29.99)

This dress from would be really great when it comes to balancing out proportions. The v-neck neckline can slim down your chest area if you deem it to be too large and still flatter you if you are smaller up top. Also the fact that it skims past the waist is a bonus when it comes to hiding any unwanted lumps or bumps. Remember love handles should be for your lover and not to show your mother. I joke! But it is a known opinion that many people don’t like to show their handles so this is great at the whole “hiding game”.


Also, both gold and silver look great with green but you can go a bit crazy with the jewellery or opt for a real dramatic piece as I’ve done hear and these kinds of statement necklaces can be found in almost any high street store. Believe it or not, this necklace is from Primark and only cost me Ā£5 at the time. FANTASTIC right!!!!!

So all in all, green (but particularly forest green) is an amazing colour to have in one’s wardrobe and hopefully you can get a piece or two for yourself, so hopefully that way you’ll know I’m not crazy…



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