The Green is Everything!


Sometimes the green truly is everything! My friend coined this phrase the other day and ever since I’ve associated it to any outfit which is more than just amazing!


I can’t lie, when I first saw this dress in the store I thought “Wow, that is a very luminous green!”. So much so that I thought “if Topshop decided to do a pink, yellow and orange version I would have felt like I was part of a Stabilo Boss highlighter pack”. Not cool!


But since its just the one, I think its passable right?

Well even if you disagree, I still love it on and as you may have guessed already, its another number from Topshop. (I should really be awarded a gift card, or possibly a restraining order — but I prefer the former :D)


Again my outfit is not complete without some black leather somewhere and my old trusted leather jacket here shows just how versatile this dress can be.


Now have you ever had a dress which was so amazing that you needed the accessories to be equally as spectacular or you’ll just call it a day and not even bother to take it out the bag? Well I was in search of such a jewellery piece and thanks to a thrifty little friend of mine, I borrowed this statement piece from her in my time of need.


And can you guess where this baby is from? Any takers? Primark! Again, I don’t know what Primark is doing lately but I believe they are due some style points very soon.

IMG_6448 copyIMG_6384

For shoes I really like these ankle boots and as soon as it gets hotter, the tights will be coming off because I am ready to where these all year round (ok maybe not all year but I’ll settle for quite a lot).

final photo 2

All in all, I think its obvious how much I love this outfit and I would say grab it before its gone because another lumionus dress from Topshop could blind a girl the next time.



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