Not So Midi Dress


The midi dress. The reason why I have dubbed this post the “not so midi dress” is because being such a wonderful and petite female, some midi dresses and skirts can at times turn into maxi dresses because of the length 😦 But should this mean that I give up hope and never launch into the deep as it were. BY NO MEANS! I love looking great and will wear the midi-turned-maxi dress if it means I’m still looking good.


This look I’ve gone a bit edgier than usual. Although I’ve paired outfits with biker jackets beforehand, I’m loving the contrast in colours- how warm the orange is against the black, which somehow reminds me of other contrasts such as light and dark or ying and yang. But enough about philosophical metaphors, lets talk about this outfit in a bit more depth shall we?


Ok so the orange dress is from Topshop as you would easily expect and this jacket is the same one as seen previously in my last post “The Green Is Everything” with its classic double-breasted biker look and silver trimmings. Now even though the fastenings and buttons on this coat are silver, I decided to mix it up a little and go for gold jewellery.


I felt that the gold brought out the warmth in the colour of the dress and the colour of my skin so gold seemed like the ideal way to go. The necklace was a great buy from Dorothy Perkins which worked out to about £8 (once you added a little student discount) and the earrings were the iconic crosses from Forever 21.


Moving on to the belt which is actually a wardrobe staple of mine as it cinches in my waist so well. This Primark piece along with the boots from Topshop, adds to the constant leather motif of this outfit and also contributes to the edge of the look.


Overall, I think my excitement for this outfit is correctly expressed on my face in the above photo ^^ . But don’t just take my word for it. Let me know if you agree or if you’ve come up with some of your own leather outfit combos in the comment box.

IMG_6339 2

IMG_6314 (2)


Necklace similar here (Dorothy Perkins), Dress similar here (Topshop), Earrings (Forever 21), Boots (Topshop), Belt similar here (Primark)


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