“Something Borrowed, Something _ _ _ _”



Now I know it is slightly early to say the least, but sooner or later you may receive a heavily ornate envelope delivered in the post, handed by a loved family member or even delivered by a personally sent messenger pigeon. If this does happen, this is probably a cherished friend or sibling summoning you to attend their increasingly anticipated wedding celebrations.


Now whether you are thrilled about this event or simply dreading how many “cousins” or “long lost aunts” you will be forced to embrace, the bottom line is you will need to be looking good whether you are representing the enviable bridal party or simply representing yourself 🙂 . So here I have included the first of (hopefully many) wedding outfit ideas which you can use in the not so distant future.

Ok so lets start with the basics. My gorgeous royal blue dress is from New Look however, I will be honest and say that I did get it last season so as expected it is sold out online. But hey you, savvy internet shopper don’t you fret. I’ve found another beautifully embellished dress which actually has an a-line bottom rather than being a body con and I believe it will suit and flatter pear shaped women even more so than my body con here. So to all my pears out there, you are welcome :D.IMG_5912 My jacket here is a collarless black blazer from New Look but it actually was given to my sis by a friend and then I borrowed it for a quick sec…thanks Apples lol. But I think for the spring/summer, a white version would look great with another coloured dress or trouser/blouse combo underneath (as long as you are not daring to wear all white- IT IS NEVER OK).


The embellishment around my neck is actually part of the dress so all the jewellery I needed was a pair of earrings I got for my prom (if I remember) which was absolutely ages ago from a shop in North London (Fonthill Road). Also, in case you are wondering, this lovely pink lip (or lippy as some may say in Britain) is from Topshop and is called “The Damned“.



Finally my shoes are another hit from New Look and its only now that I’m starting to think that my whole outfit may have a New Look theme. They are great and I loved them so much when I first bought them that I did try to see if they could possibly go with every outfit. And if (for any reason), there was a remote “yes” to this question, I would slip them on and try to convince myself to wear them. Yes people it is definitely true, my love for these “sisters” (my shoes if you’re wondering) was strong. However, I do feel the need to be real and say that after some time (bearing in mind I may have had them for over a year now at least), I think the fabric may have spread a bit and my foot does lean forward- leaving a gap at the back. So my advice would be, if your feet usually move forward quite a bit when wearing open-toed heels, I would say possibly get a smaller size if it isn’t too painful and stretch them out to mould your feet and the way you walk because that is always important. (Just a little advice for my ladies out there).

So I hope you liked the look and again if you have any ideas, tips or tricks let me know @sugarcurves on Instagram and Twitter.

Until the next time curvy ladies


Collarless Blazer (New Look)

Dress (New Look)

Shoes  similar here (New Look)

Lipstick (Topshop)


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