Put A Little Spring In Your Step

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So I’m sure I have mentioned, insinuated and highlighted that spring and summer are well on there way. Why you ask? Because nothing excites me more than warm weather, cute dresses and smiling faces and yes, believe it or not in London smiling faces are actually quite common :D. With that said I find one thing that can increase your good mood on a spring/summer’s day is a bit of retail therapy and so if you’re thinking about a few spring faves, here is just one of mine.



So starting from the bottom, these shoes are from Topshop and were featured in one of my previous posts “Not So Midi Dress“. There comes a time when you realise that out of your vast collection of shoes, you have your particular favourites and these are definitely one of them. This dress is again from Topshop and although you may think I am utterly obsessed with the store by now, in my defence I would like to plead not guilty to incurable obsession over the brand. My thing is fashion should look nice on you as a person and so when I go to Topshop and an item (two or maybe three) looks amazing on, I would like to declare that its not my fault. My card goes into the reader and I walk out with a few more dresses than I had before. (See totally innocent here).



Anyway, clearly I like my dress and I love how this belt from H&M compliments the green and slightly yellow hues of the pattern. In the spirit of spring (if that’s even a legitimate saying), I’ve been so kind as to leave a link to a similar belt on the ASOS website as I didn’t want any of you guys become raging maniacs trying to find this belt. STYLE TIP: Asos is great for belts and almost anything for curvy gals and if you’re new to the curvy fashionista community you’ll start to see that they have some fabulous pieces. ;D



Finally, I have to talk about this necklace because I have a slight incline some may ask. This is another Primark beauty which conveniently coincides with the whole tribal festival feel of this outfit.


I love things with a bit of edge and I also love how this necklace does just that. What I’m really starting to like about Primark is their style choices. In years gone past, Primark’s style has evolved and I’m just excited in the prospect that it can only get better. So as I continue to look forward towards the coming spring/summer trends, I may keep a special eye out for Primark (and of course Topshop lol).

PUT -closing pic


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