I’ve always loved the art of contrasts which probably explains my slight obsession with monochrome patterns and trends. I love the poetic juxtaposition of light and dark, white and black and at the risk of sounding deeper than I planned, the wonder of opposites even warring in beautiful harmony with each other…or in other words, I just like contrasts lol.


So with that said, there was no way I was going to pass up a chance when it came to wearing this lovely knit. Now it is definitely not as busy on the eye as my tribal looking dress from Topshop (click here) which I kind of like because as I’ve said before, sometimes you just need those casual days.

IMG_7863 IMG_7864

So you can tell that I have gone for the absolute basics when it comes to this outfit and have kept my classic Chuck’s as well as a simple pair of dark Jamie jeans from (you guessed it) Topshop.

IMG_7851 IMG_7858 IMG_7911 blue toneAgain the jewellery is very simple with my necklace from Primark and earrings a well-needed H&M buy.

IMG_7861   IMG_7931   IMG_7880

Contrasts have always worked beautifully together and I’m hoping that this may inspire you to build a few “contrast” centred outfits of your own. Well until next time… x



The Look:

Jumper: Primark

Jeans: “Jamie” (Topshop)

Shoes: Converses

Necklace: Primark

Earrings: (similar here) H&M


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