Summer Twist

 I think it must be clear by now that I’m a bit of a summer lover and any opportunity to wear a few bold  hues now and again I am more than happy to grasp with both hands.

photo 7photo 2photo 3photo 10photo 9

From summer cocktails to annual family BBQs, I love everything summer brings, even the unwanted flying insects now and again. So I’ve decided to go for a blouse which I think can easily be dressed up or down depending on the social gathering. This kind of outfit says “Of-course-I-didn’t-forget-your-BBQs-tomorrow!! I’ve-got-my-outfit-planned-and-everything” *looks away*. Or in other words, its the perfect just in case I need to look amazing kind of outfit. But summer wouldn’t be summer without the sweets and treats, so I’ve also left a few foodie and outing ideas below which you may want to try out to make sure that summer 2014 is full of amazingness!!

OuTFit DeTAils:

Blouse: Topshop / Jeggings: New Look / Wedges: Topshop / Necklace: (similar here) Dorothy Perkins / Ring: H&M /  Bracelet: (similar here) Primark /

Idea 1: Martha Stewart Alcoholic Cocktails

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 15.00.41


Martha Stewart is an icon when it comes to food, home and entertainment so it seems like an obvious choice to source a few cocktail recipes from the queen. I can’t wait to try this with its combination of fruit and flavour but I’m just trying to look for a legitimate social event whereby I can invite my family and friends to also partake in it (you know because a jug full of punch and one lone drink isn’t the best of looks). (Recipe here)

Idea 2: Summer Cake Pops

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 15.30.23


I’ve seen the idea of cake pops on Pinterest for a while now but haven’t quite got around to having a go myself. But now that the suns out and the weather is most definitely sweet, I think I may just give it a go after all. So I’ve left the link to these beach ball cake pops below (which were made by bakerella) and also a link to a video of how to make them and with any luck mine will hopefully have some kind of resemblance to the ones above.

Link to Bakerella / Link to Video

Idea 3: Go out and live life with a day at an amusement park

IMG_2427You are never too old to enjoy an amusement park so this summer why not leave your inhibitions on your living room couch and enjoy a day out at an amusement park. There are absolutely loads to choose from but the one above is an old classic in Southend called Adventure Island. It’s easy to get to by car or public transport and i’ve left the link for it below, but if you wanted something a little more central to London, there’s the infamous Thorpe Park which is just as exciting. So check them out:

Adventure Island / Thorpe Park

Enjoy Your Summer Guys…


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