Sometimes you may go online or into a store and spot a particular cami which might look great with your new pair of boyfriend jeans you just bought a few days before. But then, as you simply go to search for your size, you might see a pair of stonewashed shorts that look even better with the cami. So, as you do, you search for your size in those too. Before you can get a chance to make a b-line for the changing rooms, the flashing lights in-store, glare on a gorgeous embellished necklace hanging just above the rack where you first laid eyes on the cami and before you know it, you’re two overstuffed bags heavier, 30 minutes later and significantly poorer than when you first took an innocent glance at that cami. Why do you ask? Because your whole outfit was centred around that cami.  

ITJ Photo 3

ITJ Photo 2

This is almost the story of these printed pants. I just HAD TO HAVE THEM, and once they were purchased, the rest of the outfit was centred around them. They were the centre of attention, they were the belle of the ball and the nucleus for every other purchase since then until the outfit was complete. And CAN YOU BLAME ME? Well even if you tried I wouldn’t accept any responsibility for my actions to be honest…THE PANTS MADE ME DO IT!

ITJ Photo 13 *

ITJ Photo 8

Ok maybe not quite but I hope my passion for these pants are clear to see. Once I had bought the simple black T-shirt, its like everything else fell into place and THE SHOES!!! The shoes were the very last piece of this jungle flavoured jigsaw puzzle and I honestly don’t know how I would have styled this outfit without them. But I am not opposed to creativity so if you have any ideas do feel free to drop a comment below. I’m just hoping that the only way is up from here (style wise)…so here’s hoping the high street doesn’t disappoint. Wish me luck x

ITJ Photo 11 BW

ITJ Photo 10

OuTFit DeTAils: 

Jewellery: Primark (similar here) and (here)/ Black T-Shirt: Primark (similar here) / Pants: Topshop / Shoes: Newlook 







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