A Mist of Dior




Dior Addict…

This is my new scent for the end of summer. Scents are always hard to define because once you start to describe them, every word you use often ends in an “ish’ or ‘y’ suffix. So for instance, scents never just smell sweet, they always have a “vanillay”, “orangey” or “lavenderish” smell and although I have tried to sound as normal as possible it looks like I have fallen into the same trap.  All I can describe it as is sort of like a custard cream biscuit. Now I know you think I’m bonkers but stay with me here. The scent initially is quite light and vanillay (a bit like the hard outer biscuit part of the custard cream) but as soon as you start to recognise this its as if an underlying musky whiff demands you’re attention, letting you know that “Excuse me, I am a Dior perfume if you didn’t know”. This demand for attention is what I’d like to resemble the cream which holds the biscuit (or in this instance the fragrance) together. The combination, although a bit overpowering at first for me, is what keeps a consistent scent throughout the day and I believe what separates the higher end perfumes from your average everyday fragrances. So if you’re looking for a signature fragrance or if you ever need an abstract British biscuit likening review on a perfume, you know sugarcurves.wordpress.com is the place to go… 



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