Defying All Laws!

I can’t even express how much I love the fact that I’m defying all so-called petite fashion laws right now. So many times I’ve been told: “Oh no! You can’t wear maxi dresses, you’ll look like an umpa-lumpa!” or “Oh no! You can’t wear long jackets, your legs will disappear!’ or ”Oh no! You can’t wear long hair, your neck will vanish into your shoulders and you’ll shrink by three inches!!!”. Ok! Maybe the last one was a tad dramatic but you get what I’m trying to say now don’t you. I’m sick and tired of “them” (whoever “they”/”them” are) dictating to me what I can or cannot wear just because someone else says I’m not some kind of average height or whatnot! Nope! I’m sorry I just don’t accept that for myself. Maybe “they” do but as for me, I don’t.

So here I am. 5 ft perfect and showing just how amazing the new autumn/fall longline dusters look on petite and curvy women…Amazeballs if I do say so myself. 😀 One thing I will say though is that jewellery is what makes this particular outfit. Without the gold accents, the jacket would just give off this ‘lab coat’ vibe so a note of advice would be accessorise at the end. Once you’ve pieced an outfit together, the accessories often are the final trimmings, the cream cheese frosting as it were to your red velvety cupcake, and is the thing that ties it all together. But when all is said and done, it is the shoes that are speaking to my inner shopper right now! I am so grateful that I was given these babies because I’m not sure if I would have taken the plunge if I was shopping alone. (Knowing me, I probably would have just been content with admiring from a far). But they, along with my gold pieces here and there, are the ones doing all the action in this outfit.

But I would be interested to see what else you guys feel would make this outfit complete. So drop your suggestions on my twitter @sugarcurves (along with the #defyingpetitelaws) or leave a comment here and tell me or even show me how you would style a longline duster coat!

Until next time my lovelies keep defying those laws!

Nay x

OuTFit DeTAils:

Duster coat: similar Here / Jersey dress: Here / shoes: Here / Necklace: Here / Ring: Here / Earrings: similar Here




IMG_0184 (green tint)

IMG_0205 IMG_0217 IMG_0179


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