Sometimes Beauty Is Skin Deep

The thing about beauty or fashion or looking great is that a lot of people say that it starts from within. Whether that be a beaming smile which exudes confidence or an exaggerated laugh showing how funny you thought that last joke was, beauty is something that people can see from the moment they set eyes on you. Thankfully, this new scrub I found gave me that attractive glow I was looking for. After a while, it opened up my pores and cleared up my face- just what I was looking for. One sneaky little trick a skin consultant shared with me was that you can see how good a facial scrub is after three months or so of use. So if I am going to be completely honest, after several weeks of using this wash I was a bit disappointed because it seemed that anytime I had a spot or even a little bump on my face (the result of too many cupcakes might I add), a darkened mark would appear. This suggested to me that the scrub could have a lightening agent of some sort which made marks more prominent on my face (something I wasn’t keen on to be honest). But having said that, I feel that if used sparingly this would give your face that “ooh your skin looks great” reaction that we are all secretly looking for. All in all, it is a good scrub but not as a daily facial cleanser- well not for me anyway.

IMG_0081 IMG_0082

This next scrub isn’t as undiscovered like the last as it boasts to be the “UK’s no. 1 face scrub brand”. So obviously since the packaging screams its praises so much, I thought to test it out for myself. I would like to insert that it is still the early stages and I’m nowhere near the three month mark yet, but I do love how it is not drying on my skin and doesn’t leave a weird residue. Confession alert: I even use it on my hands at one point (but that was because the level of curiosity in me was overwhelming) and even then the scrub made me hands feel incredibly soft. So as you do, I posted a little update on my Instagram just highlighting how great I thought it was. But as I’ve stated before it is still the early stages, so if for some strange reason my opinion adversely changes, you’ll probably see that too on a social network with one of these 😦 attached. But hopefully that won’t be the case 😉Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 17.27.21


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