SHOPPERS!! You’re gonna want to know about this for BLACK FRIDAY!!!

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Its what every single bargain hunter needs to know before the sales!! 

We Brits across the pond are literally counting down the hours until one of the best imports from America is scheduled to land on our British soil and boy am I excited!!  You know what I’m talking about: BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING and it brings a bag (no sorry a truck load) of discounts along the way. You can tell how infectious the excitement is as many stores gear up to pass out heavy discounts with some already starting their sales up to five days before. But before you start storing all your “must-haves” in your online baskets I’ve found a site that is revolutionary!!! And no I’m kidding… This will certify you as the most savvy shopper out there. So whilst everyone else is traipsing around running after deals and fighting with strangers in queues, you can have that all done for you: Presenting…Shoptagr!!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 20.33.09

(Click image or name to get straight onto the site!!!!)

In a nutshell, Shoptagr takes all your items in your various wish lists or baskets on other sites and notifies you if they are on sale in anyway. You can tailor it to just your size or preferred colour so that you can simply get whatever you want. Whatsmore, ITS FREE! For example, if I had a gold maxi dress which I had been eyeing up for a while on lets say Asos and I had in mind a pair of black heels which I spotted on Topshop to go with them, I could simply go onto Asos, use the Shoptagr tab on my browser and it would tell me if and when this dress was on sale in my size. So in a sense it basically cyber stalks all these various websites until what you’ve selected is on sell so that you can go in for the kill and get before “Betsy” over here even has a chance. Its AMAZING, its GENIUS and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it :/ Its what every single bargain hunter needs to know before the sales!! AND I am soooo thankful to Miss Borderhammer for informing us shoppers about this great discovery! You guys should really click on the link and check her out because she knows how to be frugal with fashion and is hilarious whilst doing it. So I love you for hooking us up Rachelle (aka Borderhammer) and I know I will be using this as soon as I collate all my thoughts together. So enjoy yourselves this weekend guys. To all my US friends have a wonderful thanksgiving, remember to be thankful for every blessing as I know I will (and will definitely be counting these discounts as one of them :D)




sale sign











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