2015 Here we come!!

2015 is finally here!!!! This is my first post of 2015 and boy am I glad that we’ve crossed over. I thank God for all that 2014 had to offer and now I am looking for bigger and better for 2k15! This year I’m looking to go harder than before so to keep up to date with all new Sugarcurves content subscribe below 😀

Now let me just say this entire outfit is founded on sheer luck (prayer- I prayed in the store that God would help me find an outfit). The dress was a steal at £5 from Primark. The shoes were a gift (thanks Debbie 🙂 ) and it just seemed like everything else came together. So much so that when I tried to look for these products online, they really couldn’t be found. All I will say is I think God is doing more than just looking after me- He’s helping me with great fashion finds as well. Thank you Lord 😀

OuTFit DetTAils:

Dress (similar here) and (here)/Shoes (similar here) or (here)/Earrings (similar here) and (here)/ Necklace (similar here)

IMG_0711 FRONT PAGEIMG_0696 (2) IMG_0735 IMG_0747 IMG_0753


One Comment Add yours

  1. Merrie K says:

    Great dress for such a cool price – this is a winner!

    ~Merrie K.

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