A Little Foil Goes a Long Way

Now I definitely know that the christmas season is long behind us and believe me I’m not trying to resurrect it at all (there’s always next year for that). But I love things that sparkle and shine so adding this skirt to just a simple cream polo neck was right up my street.

So just in case you didn’t know, it is freezing in London and that is no understatement. That is the honest truth for most of the UK and I can just hear our North European neighbours claiming that its basically summer time in comparison to their country, but trust me when I say that I for one am not a friend of the cold. So you can imagine my frantic (or so) search for the warmest thing in my wardrobe i.e. this polo neck jumper/sweater. Since I am a self-professed summer lover, I am counting down the months whereby I don’t have to wear something that makes me look like a floating head and legs but until then I think it might be polo necks, turtle necks and roll necks so its a good thing they’re on trend.

OuTFit DeTAils:

Polo-neck Jumper (similar here) / Foil Skirt / Shoes (similar here) / Bag

IMG_0676 IMG_0607 IMG_0649 IMG_0686IMG_0633


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