Wishing to be in Brooklyn: A Casual Outfit for Petites

Sometimes I feel like Dorothy, wishing to be anywhere else but my current location and with our ever plummeting weather, any magic slippers would be highly appreciated right now. So it’s no surprise that I wouldn’t mind being in America right now.



I would love to visit another city other than the one I’m in right now, so don’t be surprised if you see an Instagram update with my face beaming in an unfamiliar surroundings, you know why. But until then, I’m loving this outfit instead. This outfit is a little less corporate than my last post which is nice sometimes because I do get days where I just want it to be casual. So if ever you need a slouchy/casual outfit here’s an idea. Remember just because you’re having a casual day doesn’t mean you can’t look great in it.


OuTFit DeTAils:

Jumper / Jeggings / Shoes (similar here)





One Comment Add yours

  1. Merrie K says:

    oh, love that sweater dear!

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