I’m Petite, I’m Curvy and have nothing for Valentine’s!

So we’ve all been there. When you have a date coming up and you’ve put off making plans for it until the very last minute (and when I mean last minute I mean about 5pm of the evening when you’re meant to be leaving- yeah that kind of last minute). Well this post is especially for my curvy and petite sistas who need a bit of inspiration for valentine’s day this saturday and may have just had a slight reality check whilst reading this post :/ (Don’t worry I do it all the time).

IMG_6467 (3)

A lot of the time I run into a spot of bother whilst looking for that outfit. Most of the time its either too short in my opinion or too small. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this but have you ever ordered something in a Large or even XLarge on the internet thinking “there’s no way this won’t fit”, only to place one leg into it, wriggle around for a while and then realise it won’t go pass your thighs. Yeah this kind of thing tends to happen with me sometimes and it always seems to be when I don’t have time to find an alternative. So hopefully this dress will suit multiple body types are the shape is very flattering as well as it being that stretchy and sturdy jersey that tends to suit most people. What’s even better about this is, its from a high street store so you can try it on in store or even order it online and if its not right, kindly return it to the store assistant with a :D. Oh and don’t worry all my American ladies, I’ve also included similar dresses that you can pick up at Bloomingdales (here and here) so that you’re not frantically running around your city looking for an alternative!

IMG_6502 (2)

IMG_6545 IMG_6539


Whatever you end up doing this valentine’s I hope you enjoy every minute of it with the ones you love . Until next time

Nay x

OuTFit DeTAils:

Dress / Shoes / Clutch (similar here) / Ring (similar here)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Merrie K says:

    I love the big floral prints of this dress and it fits perfectly!

    Merrie K.

  2. sugarcurves says:

    Thank you so much hun! I’m always looking for midi dresses that don’t drown me so I’m so happy that you said it fits good 😀

    Nay x

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