Petites and Curvies UNITE!

I think its safe to say, the combination of a petite and curvy woman is scarce to say the least so sometimes its nice to know that there are other like minded ladies among you. We all must know by now that I am of this particular brood of women. But lets turn our eyes westward and see how certain celebrities (or more so their stylists) style our unique frame. 1. America FerreraAmerica_Ferrera__Straight_65274 She may not be one of your anticipated suspects, but at just 5ft 1inches (according to IMDB), she is the epitome of petite and curvy women. The Ugly Betty star, was formerly known for her role in Real Women Have Curves (2002) and with her figure its no surprise that she would star in such an appropriate film since she has (as some would say) “hips for days” (or in other words is majorly curvy). Body Shape: Originally I would have said that Miss Ferrera is a pear shape as her role in Ugly Betty showed her to be heavier on the bottom in her “Betty Suarez” wardrobe. But with her weight loss and her recent claim to style fame, it looks like we can finally see America for the swan that she is rather than her “ugly duckling” like persona in Ugly Betty and finally see her fabulous hourglass figure. 103111-america-ferrera-2901424645636_america-ferrera-zoom

Photo Source here and here

One of my most recent faves of hers to date would be this gorgeous Jenny Packham gown she wore to the Oscars on sunday. I absolutely loved the colour and it just proves once again that petite women defy all imaginary maxi dress laws all the time. (see my post on Defying All Laws) 2. Kelly Osbourne Kelly-Osbourne-2Who knew that Miss Osbourne was a petite young thang like us but believe it ladies, she’s also 5 ft amazing 😀 What I love about Kelly’s style is that she has an edgy take on fashion which is sublime. I feel like sometimes we as women get a bit stuck on maybe what looked good the last time and don’t tend to venture into the deep in terms of fashion choices. So maybe next time you want to pick up that same top or jeans that you’ve got in 12 different shades of blue, how about try something different with Miss Osbourne in mind. 1424655390_kelly-osbourne-farts-during-pre-oscars-prep1

Photo Source here and  here

Body Shape:  I’m inclined to deem Miss Osbourne as an hourglass as well since her hips to bust ratio seem to be perfectly aligned. But I maybe wrong on this front so let me know what you think. 3. Adrienne Bailon A Chic Adrienne Bailon gets dinner with Tamar Braxton

Photo Source here

I love the fact that this woman still brings it in terms of fashion challenges because even though she doesn’t reach 5 ft, her fashion still far supersede some other celebs. I like the fact that she still challenges the norm, wearing structured suits and jumpsuits which just shows how important tailoring can be and how it can make you stand out amongst the rest. I feel that her style gives hope and inspiration to the VERY petite women, showing that the only fashion boundary you may have is your own limitations. Realising that, I believe, is the key to her styling success and is spurring me on to go for it! Thanks Adrienne. 4. Salma Hayek

Salma+Hayek+Dresses+Skirts+Evening+Dress+SwODmryVoxelPhoto Source here

In my quest to find petite and curvy women, I tried to look for a certain celeb on the bustier side of things and let me tell you that it was no easy task. But I finally found her; may I present to you Miss Salma Hayek. Petite? At 5 ft 1 I think the answer is definitely yes. Curvy? Of course! Style Icon? Judging from her recent voyage to the Gucci show at Milan’s Fashion Week on wednesday I would say that “style icon” is implied with her status. I like the fact that she is heavier on top because it just shows that your bra size doesn’t dictate your style. If anything its an asset (two in fact) so you might as well love them. They seemed to work for Salma. 5. Misha B Misha_B_-_Do_You_Think_Of_Me

Photo Source here

Misha B is sort of an unknown celeb as her peak of stardom was during the 2011 British X Factor and ever since then hasn’t really shown to reach the same levels of fame. But one thing for certain is that her style has continued to peak regardless. She also gives an edgier feel to fashion for petites but has more of an urban flavour than Miss Osbourne (see above). One thing I definitely like is that she will try things that are arguably just for the stage, but she inspires us nonetheless. 6. Jesy Nelson 45414_1

Photo Source here

For my final pick I wanted to travel closer to home and went for a celeb who you may have not realised is part of our category. I’m talking about Jesy Nelson, one of the stars from British female pop group and X Factor winners “Little Mix”. Nelson has always been one of the curvier divas of this group and has gotten quite a bit of unnecessary stick for it. But she seems to be embracing her curves more than ever recently and showing how enviable a curvy but petite figure can be. So Miss Nelson, I salute you. Trust me. There are far more curvy and petite ladies than are mentioned here but in an attempt for this not to turn into a novel, I think I’ll leave it there for now. Just know that there are many more women who look like you than you probably initially think. So only look at your curves and stature as a bonus and nothing less because if it looks great on these women it probably looks even better on you.

Until next time ladies x

(And if you wish to suggest any other celebs feel free to comment below). Sites used are linked within text.


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