This Blouse goes with everything! (Almost)

Have you ever felt so busy that you’d be infinitely buried under a pile of post-it notes if you ever tried to write everything down? Yep, that’s been me over the past couple of weeks and oh how I crave a sense of normality. But now that the new job is almost firmly under my belt, I can see sanity on the horizon (hopefully).

So my lovelies, please excuse the sporadic posts. I will get back to my weekly posting schedule and when I do, you guys will be in for a few treats (both literally and figuratively). But in the meantime, I hope you love my new buy. This drape, long-sleeved blouse is clearly a winner because it is one of those pieces that are timeless and appear to go with every outfit (almost).

One thing I’m particularly fond of is that it is made from “breathable” material meaning that on a hot summer’s day, you’re not left feeling sticky or sweaty on an overcrowded tube carriage (#commuterproblems). What’s more, because it’s draped, it is especially ideal if you’re a bit more top heavy or apple shape (take a look at my Petite and Curvies Unite post for more on body types). The draping reduces the appearance of your bust so that it balances out your proportions better. Hence why it is slowly creeping into my top 10 faves.

I love this buy because it is multi-purpose and easy to wear but I’m always on the look out for more great pieces so if you see anything just as great, don’t be afraid to drop a comment below or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Until next time


OuTFit DeTAils:

Blouse / Skirt (similar here)





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