Bonjour Autumn! Here are key pieces you’ll fall in love with this season

You can always tell when autumn has arrived when there’s a slight chill in the air and you spend twice the time deliberating whether to venture out with your coat or not.

But one thing you’ll need to be sure of are the key pieces you’ll be rocking this season. So I’ve gathered a few items of inspiration from Westfield’s very own London Fashion Week Catwalk.



Firstly, mustard is a hot colour this season and I’ve seen it rock in more ways than one. Mustard is one of those colours that compliment many different skin tones so if you want something to really pop this season, grab a mustard coat! One blogger who has styled this incredibly well is my girl Lyza Laval and she’s right, melanin and mustard is a great combo.



I am truly a believer of all things monochrome but this season swap your black and white stripes for something a bit more fall themed. Yes, stripes are back (and to be honest they’d never left my wardrobe) but pairing them with a great tan or pastel colour as seen below works wonders for your outfit. So try it out this autumn or go that step further and add florals to your striped number to really resemble fall.



Frills and Flares

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but flares and frills were a big trend in summer 2017 and it looks like the trend has come to stay (well at least for a little while longer anyway).

Flares and frills are great for balancing out your proportions and creating curves. Just take a look at the gorgeous Abbey. if you’re contemplating getting a pair of these flared bad boys, why not go for it but if you’re prone to the cold like me, maybe just go for a flared top and a really thick coat.



Finally but by no means the least, florals. Florals are somewhat expected of the season but you just can’t knock a greatly rocked floral outfit. So whether you’re wondering whether to throw out that floral piece. Don’t. It can be salvaged. It can look as good as new. Just have a look at these outfits and grab a bit of inspiration.





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