I love being me…anyone agree?


I thought to simply title this post ‘I Love Being Me’ because as you live in society it would seem that being you would be even better if you looked like, acted like and sounded like someone else. But as I’m fortunate to live in such a wonderfully diverse city, being in London shows me that our differences are our strength.


It’s simple. I love being me. From my beautifully tightly coiled hair to lusciously thick lips  and deep brown eyes. If you haven’t noticed I love being black and as it’s black history month here in the UK, I’m tributing this special post to my heritage.

I am the

If you didn’t know I am of a mixed black heritage and this simply means that one of my parents are originally from the West Indies and one of them are from the continent of Africa. I will not play down or ignore the fact that yes my ancestors did go through a lot to be here but I always like to think of it like this; ‘I am the descendant of a survivor’ and it’s that overcoming determination which I chose to take with me on my voyage of becoming a success.

5Luckily in London, we now have monuments to commemorate those who fought, taught and became key influencers in our society. One museum being the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton.

4613834726There is a wealth of knowledge out there to show the incredible contributions my people have made to society and to the world and I pray that countries such as England begin to erect monuments to commemorate the efforts of other cultures to show that we are all one race; the human race and we all have a place in the world.



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