Bring A Bit Of Sunshine To This Blustery Winter


Not sure if you’ve realised, but here in England it is BITTERLY COLD! When you begin to re-evaluate whether going to grab your groceries is really that necessary, then you know that winter is definitely here. And just to add salt to injury, the common cold has also been running rampant here in London.

But as I am endeavouring to be a rather optimistic person, I thought that this coat may be  the ray of sunshine needed to battle through these blustery months.

What I love about this coat in particular is that it is tailored specifically for petites. Yes you heard me correctly.


New Look Coat | Similar hereSimilar here, similar here

More often than none, regular sized coats always seem to fit rather poorly on petite women. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to make an overwhelming large item look ‘right’ and the regular size of this coat from New Look (as seen below) is no different. 6.png


But you can say goodbye to oversized shoulder pads and elongated sleeves. This coat has been especially created for petite proportions and I couldn’t be happier!

3What’s more, this colour in particular works well with all skin tones and gives that much needed drop of joy in this dreary weather. I am so excited that high street stores are finally recognising the growing demand for petite clothing. It’s a step in a great direction and I’m hoping for a petite and curvy range to follow suit.

If you’re looking for petite specific coats this winter, take a look at these:

New Look, Miss Selfridge, Next, Dorothy Perkins, Nordstrom

Until next time x


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