About Me


Sugarcurves is a bit of a dual blog (if that’s even a term) simply because of my love for both fashion and food.

Originally when I first thought about venturing into the big  blogging community I was worried about being lost in amongst the major fashion blogs. But as I began to think on it and obviously do a bit of research (my excuse to be on other blogs and watching YouTube channels), I realised that I couldn’t find a lot of blogs for curvy women especially curvy petite women. 😦

So I thought “why not do a blog which may inspire curvy women and give a couple of handy ideas to any curvy and petite women out there!”.  But this is not a blog simply for petite women or curvy women alone. I hope that, as a reader, you may be able to grab little bites (hint hint: food pun) of inspiration from my blog and hopefully exchange tricks and tips you have found as well.

But as you can probably tell from my food pun I still like my food (possibly an understatement but I’m still living in a state called DENIAL lol) and still hold fast to the idea that it demands its own space. So I have a separate page on here that simply exhibits food as it probably deserves that much.

All in all, I would like this blog to be a hub of creativity and ideas so that we as women can look good no matter the size or shape, no matter the height or weight and no matter the weather or price tag. My hope is that we’ll constantly look and feel amazing, some might say all most good enough to eat 😀



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